Walmartone Schedule – How to Access My Walmart Schedule Hours/Hrs

Are you an employee with Walmart, are you confused as to where you can find your Walmart Schedule. Then don’t worry, you are in the right place. All your queries related to finding your WalMart Schedule are solved here

  • All you need is a laptop/ your smartphone / or your PC
  • A good internet connection

my wallmart schedule

The question which arises is that How do I View my Walmart Schedule with the help of My Walmart Schedule App and the WalmartOne App?

  • First of all, the app of My Walmart Schedule is available on google play store and the apple store so you can download it from there.
  • Another important fact is that for now, you can view your schedule and your shifts on the app. But from November onwards a new version will come out at the new Walmart Schedule app will let all the associates working with Walmart to swap their shifts view their schedules and will let hem pick unfulfilled shifts.
  • The app is available for the Walmart Managers and the associates, who are working in the store. The employees can use the My Walmart Schedule system, and the app will give details about your schedules and the time off that has been approved to you. And the app will also let you pick up the shifts which are unfilled.
  • The associates working with Walmart can see their schedule of the week, all they have to do is click on the icon of the calendar, once you open the calendar, it will dot the dates in which you have worked.

In the My Walmart Schedule app, you can view your schedule according to your wish that is per week or per month.

  • You can download the My Walmart Schedule App through the links mentioned below.
  • My Walmart App at the Google Play Store at:
  • My Walmart App at the iTunes App Store at:

If you want to view your paystubs or your benefits or information like contacts, etc., then you will have to download the entire WalmartOne app or the WM1 app.

How can I view my Walmart Schedule on the website?

Follow the mentioned below steps, and you will be able to check your schedule

  • It is not mandatory for the Walmart employee to download the My Walmart Schedule app or the WM1 app, ( though it is advisable because apps are more convenient)
  • You can check your schedule on the website which is now known as
  • Visit the Click on the Walmart Logo and then sign in
  • Then enter your Walmartone user ID and the password
  • Once you have logged in your next step will be to find the “View Full Schedule” which is located at the top of your page and then click on it.
  • Simply go to, click on the Walmart Logo and Sign In.
  • Enter your WalmartOne User ID and Password.
  • Once logged in, find “View Full Schedule” at the top of the page, and click on the link.

Final Words:

So, this was our step by step guide to check Walmart’s schedule if you are an active employee of the Walmart company. You can follow this guide and get access to your Walmart schedule.